We don't want your replies to sound unnatural, and for this reason we ask that you do not include greetings or salutations to your answer templates.

You should not add a greeting or salutation to your answer templates, since we will be managing when to include them directly, when needed.

When a reply is sent as part of an automatic event response, your replies will be included as is. This means that if you were to include greetings or salutations directly in your reply, they will be included within your new inquiry, new request to book or new reservations rules that include %answers%, which would duplicate the greetings, or potentially place them in the middle of your message.

When a reply is sent as part of a follow-up message, we will be adding greetings depending on the situation:

  • No greetings or salutations if you have already messaged with the guest within 6 hours.

  • We would include "Hello %guest_first_name%" (translated in the language of the guest) if you never messaged with the guest, or not messaged with the guest in the past 6 hours.

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