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Is there a difference between Teammates and User management?
Is there a difference between Teammates and User management?

Teammates can be assigned tasks and notifications, while people added in User Management have login abilities.

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We have a few ways for you to share information with those that you work with directly. Both Teammates under Operations and Users under User Management have been designed to help our customers share information with their teams.

Teammates can receive Emails and SMS notifications:

Teammates and their profiles are created under Operations.

The Operations section is dedicated to sending notifications and creating tasks for these team members.

Teammates do not have direct access to your account and all information shared with them will be sent to them externally: Email and SMS for notifications, including notifications about tasks, and an iCal feed for their task calendar.

Check out our article on how to create a new teammate!

Users can access your account:

Users found under Settings > User management, have been designed for you to share access to your account.

The User management section allows you to invite other people to join your account as secondary users, with their own separate email and password. You can also control the permissions for each of these invited users, with full or limited access to features and properties.

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