What are markup rates?

Markup rates allow you to set different pricing between platforms or for specific listings.

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With our product, you have the ability to set different markup rates per platform, or per listing.

Markup rates help you vary your pricing on the same listing on different channels to help you get paid out the same amount, regardless of channel fees. You might also want to set listing-specific markup rates if you are required to collect specific taxes in your jurisdiction.

The markup rates that you set are then used in pricing operations when interacting with prices in our calendar and our public API and will determine the final calculated price we push to each listings' platform for a given property.

For example, let's say that Airbnb charges 3% in fees and Vrbo charges you 8%. If the base price on Hospitable.com is set to $100 a night, with a 3% Airbnb markup rate and Vrbo markup rate of 8%, we'd push the price of $103 to Airbnb and $108 to Vrbo.

The same applies if you have a PriceLabs integration, we take the price that PriceLabs gives us for a given date and add the appropriate markup before pushing that final price to the platform.

Changing your markup rate

Changing markup rates on their own will not push new prices to your platforms if you have Pricing Sync disabled. The markup rate will be used to calculate prices pushed to your channels the next time prices are updated.

If you have Pricing Sync enabled, prices are immediately pushed to their channels with the new markup rates.

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