With our product, you have the ability to set different markup rates per platform, or per listing.

Markup rates have proven to be an invaluable tool when it comes to implementing variable prices due to different host service fees on each platform. You might also want to set listing-specific markup rates if you are required to collect specific taxes in your jurisdiction.

The markup rates that you set are then used in pricing operations when interacting with prices in our calendar and our public API and will determine the final calculated price we push to each listings' platform for a given property.

For example, when altering a price in our calendar, the price you enter is the 'base price', we take that base price, add the appropriate markup for each listing (either listing-based or platform-based) and push that final price to the listings' platform.

The same applies if you have a PriceLabs integration, we take the price that PriceLabs gives us for a given date, we add the appropriate markup and then push that final price to the platform.

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