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How to send attachments, documents, or links in messages
How to send attachments, documents, or links in messages

Send files by including links in message templates after a booking

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Including links in your automatic messages can be very useful when you want to share a file with your guests or recommend visiting the website of a local tourist spot.

The link will be clickable for you in the Inbox, but not in the messaging rule template. For your guests, the links would be converted to clickable hyperlinks in the messaging platform of the channel they booked through.

Please note that if a pre-booking message contains a link, the booking channel will block the message from being sent. Because of that, you should only include links in messages after a booking has been accepted. Learn more here.

To create a link to the file you want to send:

  1. Upload the file(s) to a cloud storage account such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

  2. Set the file sharing permissions to Anyone with the link.

  3. Copy the file URL.

  4. Paste the final URL into your automatic message template.

Pro tip: Setup your link with a URL shortener service like, which allows you to track visits to that link, and allows you to have a more friendly URL.

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