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How do I include custom codes in my templates?
How do I include custom codes in my templates?

Importing custom codes in your templates is necessary to have them working as expected and be sent to your guests.

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With Custom codes, you can include small bits of text or whole paragraphs that you can insert into your templates. Unlike short codes, they are not meant to be replaced by some data from Airbnb, but by your own text.

Your custom codes will not be shown to your guests unless they are included in some of your templates. This will determine the time (and listings) when the custom code may be included in your templates.

Custom codes always start and end with %%, to distinguish them from our system short codes, which start and end with just one %.

To include custom codes in your templates:

  1. Go to Guest experience, then Messaging rules.

  2. Click on the rule that you want to edit.

  3. Click inside the text box where you would like to change the text, and type "%%". Keep typing to search in that list. You will see a list of the short codes and custom codes available for this rule.

  4. Click on the custom code or press Enter to include the custom code in your template.

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