The property name in Hospitable follows the internal name of your listing on the booking channel by default.

If you change the listing name on the booking channel, we will automatically update the listing name in Hospitable, but the property name will remain the same. The property name is automatically set once, upon the first import of the listing (or merging). You can manually change the property name anytime.

If you want to update the names of several properties to reflect the current listing names on the booking channel, you can reset the names of all your properties at once.

How merging listings affects the property name

When merging listings together, the name of the resulting property will be the Airbnb listing name by default. The listing name that appears in our system can either be:

  • the public listing name

  • the internal name or nickname that you’ve assigned to the listing on Airbnb

If you had assigned an internal name, we always display that over the public name.

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