How do I delete a listing?

It's not actually possible to delete listings, but you can instead mute a property in Hospitable.

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Let us first set the definition of terms we use in our system. Listings refer to your property that is listed on the booking platform. Properties are a Hospitable attribute and refer to the "container" of your listings. A property is created in our system and is automatically linked to a listing imported from the booking platform. A property may have multiple listings which can be from different platforms. This is achieved by merging properties.

If you want to delete a listing from your host account, you would need to do that directly on the booking platform.

Hospitable imports all listings detected on a host account. If you want to exclude some listings from our services, you can mute the property that has that listing.

It is not possible to mute an individual listing if it is part of a group of listings within a property. You must first unmerge the listings and then mute the property that has the listing in question.

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