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Why do my prices not match between and my booking platform?
Why do my prices not match between and my booking platform?
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On occasion, you may see different prices on then you do on your booking platform. Here are a few things you can check if this happens.

Note: if you have PriceLabs integrated into your account, please see this article instead.

Which platform is your lead platform?

If you have more than one platform connected, you can set a lead platform which defines which platform we pull in prices from. Learn more here. If the prices you expect to see are not from your lead platform, you can update which platform we pull prices from.

Do you have smart pricing enabled on Airbnb?

If your lead platform is set to Airbnb and you have smart pricing enabled, we will not be able to pick up these dynamic prices. We can only detect the nightly rate and Smart pricing is information added on top of that nightly rate. If you're interested in using a dynamic pricing tool across all of your channels, we recommend checking out our direct integration with PriceLabs.

Do you have markup rates set for that channel or listing?

Your calendar will always shown your base rate. Base rate is calculated as the rate, minus any platform or listing markup fees. Learn more here.

Do you have price sync enabled?

In order for us to push prices from one lead platform to another and keep you prices in sync across all platforms, you will need to enable price sync. If price sync is not enabled, your calendar will show the prices based on your lead platform (minus any markup fees) but will not be pushed to your other platforms.

Have you recently made changes directly on your lead platform?

We check your lead platform every 4.5 hours for price updates. If you just made a change on your lead platform it can take up to 4.5 hours for us to detect that change. You can always manually update your calendar directly and that change will be pushed to all of your platforms instantly (plus any markup rates), even with price sync disabled.

Have you recently made changes on your non lead platform?

We only check your lead platform for pricing changes and will not pick up prices changes from a non lead platform. You can either change which platform or manually update your calendar directly.

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