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Device Dashboard Walkthrough
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Connecting your smart home devices to Hospitable allows you to save time and have a seamless experience taking care of your guests and operations by managing everything in a fully integrated dashboard.
Automate the creation and communication of smart lock codes, check when codes have been used, view battery status, and more, all in one place.

This dashboard is not for third-party integrations like RemoteLock or Jervis Systems.


View Reservation Access Codes

Under the Dashboard's Reservation tab, you can view the list of access codes on your connected smart locks related to your guests:

Under the Dashboard's Operations tab, you can view the list of access codes on your connected smart locks related to your teammates:

View when a code is first used

You can easily see if and when the code has been used. If the code successfully opens the lock, it will show a green mark icon. If you hover on that green mark icon, you will be able to see the date and time the lock code was first used:

On the other hand, if the lock code hasn't been used yet, there will be no icon under the "Used" section:

View Battery Status

You can easily view the status of your device's battery under the Device's tab:

When you select the device and click the "Edit" button, you can set the threshold of your battery health for when we should notify you:

Create Manual 'Operations' Codes

You can create manual operations lock codes for anyone in your team to access the lock under the Operations tab in the Device Dashboard. These codes are not connected to any reservation.

Time-bound Codes

  • The code's start time must be at least five minutes in advance of the current time.

Always on Codes

  • You can create a code that has continuous access to the lock by selecting 'Always On' in the code creation form.

Lock / Unlock Devices

You can easily lock or unlock the smart lock device/s in real-time when you select the guest's name under the Reservations tab, select the name of the lock code under the Operations tab, or select the smart lock's name under the Devices tab:

Edit / Delete Codes

You can delete the lock codes that are under the Reservations and Operations tabs (except for Backup Codes). However, if the lock code is deleted manually, we can reliably assume that it was done intentionally by the user. In such cases, we will not make an attempt to recreate a code. You can also edit the details of the lock codes:


Battery Status Notification

  • You can choose to receive a notification/s when your device's battery level reaches the threshold you set in the device details.

  • The low battery threshold is set to 30% by default.

Code First Used

  • To help you stay informed, you can opt to receive a notification when the lock code is first utilized.

Action Required Issues

  • This notification is for instances where the smart lock account has been disconnected and needs to be reconnected or if the lock code has failed to update during mid-stay and the like (Note: Action Required Issues will always trigger Dashboard Notifications and cannot be disabled).

Our device notification system confidently provides three distinct options. You have the freedom to select any one, two, or all three of them based on your preferences (If you untick both the Push and Email boxes and leave the toggle enabled, you'll only receive the Dashboard Notification):

  • Dashboard Notification: You will see a banner on your Hospitable account that refers to your smart device/s.

  • Push Notification: You will receive a push notification on your web browser or mobile app (iOS or Android). Learn more about how push notifications work.

  • Email Notification: You will receive an email notification relating to your smart device/s.

Note: Please remember to click the "Save Changes" button to ensure your changes are saved. Also, the "Code First Used" notification is currently a work in progress for IglooHome Locks.

Disconnect a device account

A device's app account can be deleted by selecting the 'Actions' menu in the setup page:

Upcoming Features

  • More notification options

  • Log of events/actions

  • Bulk create an operations code in multiple properties

  • Connect + manage devices that don't create reservation codes (ex. cleaning supply closet)

  • Convert codes not created by Hospitable to being managed by Hospitable in your dashboard.

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