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Everything you want to know about how it works, when you can expect codes to be created, when notifications go out, & troubleshooting issues

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Check out our article How do the smart locks integrations work to get a more detailed walk-through of the smart locks feature.

FAQ & How it Works

Can I match one lock with multiple properties or multiple locks with one property?

Yes! Any property matched with more than one lock will have the same code created on each lock for a single guest.

When will the guest be able to use the code?

A code can only be used by a guest during their reservation unless you have added buffer times in your Smart lock Settings to extend that access before check-in or after checkout.

How is the PIN code decided?

The pin code created can be a randomly generated number or based on the last digits of your guest's phone number. You can select this in your Smart Lock Settings in our dashboard.

โ€‹However, despite your settings, there are times when the PIN code may have to be a random number. This is why it's important to only use the %smartlock_code% short code in messages to communicate the correct guest's code.

How will my guest receive their PIN code?

When you add our %smartlock_code% short code to a messaging rule, it inserts the guest's PIN code in any scheduled message after a booking has been accepted.

It is highly recommended to send the guest their code close to check-in time and not too far in advance - this gives the system more time to ensure your code is accepted on the lock.

When will my codes be created?

Once your smart lock app has been connected and the supported lock is matched to a property, we will create a PIN code for all existing future reservations and send those code requests to our integration partner for approval.

For all new reservations after you connect, we will create a PIN code as soon as a reservation has been accepted and send that code request to our integration partner for approval.

Once our integration partner receives the codes, they will attempt to set that code on your lock either 3 days before check-in or 10 minutes before check-in, depending on what lock app you use. See more about how the smart lock integration works.

What happens if my code is rejected and not set on the lock?

We will re-attempt to set the pin code 4 more times that day. If that is still unsuccessful, we will reattempt the code once every day until it is accepted.

At 8:00 a.m. ET daily, we will run a "health check" of all pin codes that need to be active in the next 24 hours. If the code is not set at that time, we will automatically share a backup code with the guest (enabled by default) and/or send you an email alerting you that the code failed.

For more detailed information about backup codes, see our article on how smartlock backup codes work.

What happens if the reservation changes?

If a reservation is altered (shortened, extended, or changing a property) or canceled, the code will be updated or canceled accordingly.

When will a code be deleted from the lock?

We only delete codes that we created. Any pre-existing codes cannot be deleted by us.

Once a reservation is completed, plus any buffer time added to your settings, the code will be deleted from the lock 24 hours later.

If a reservation is canceled, the code will deleted from the lock 24 hours later.

If you disconnect a lock by unmatching all its properties, we will delete those codes from the lock.

Which locks do you support?

How do I connect my lock app?

Check out our article How to connect my Smart Lock?

Where can I view the code that has been set for my guest?

Besides viewing the codes in your lock app, There are two places where you can view the codes that we created for your guests.

  1. You can also see the codes that are set for each guest within the guest's Inbox conversation by scrolling down the left sidebar to the Property Access section.

    (On mobile, this is within a sub-menu accessed by selecting ... at the top right within a guest conversation.)

  2. You can also check the code we are holding by going to Device Dashboard> Reservations (available to general users).

How can I disable automatic code communication?

Code communication is ON by default, and there is no option to turn it off. This is because it is required to communicate a backup code to your guest if one needs to be used.

If you do not want to communicate a code to your guest, you can move back the checkout time to delay the communication, cancel the reservation, or delete the reservation code from your lock app (we will not recreate the code or trigger a backup code in this case).

You can learn more about code communication here.


Why is my guest's code not on the lock?

It's likely that the code has not yet been accepted by the app. Not to worry, we do perform a healthcheck every 24 hours to attempt to set codes that failed.

There are a few reasons a code could fail.

  • The lock may have been disconnected, may have wifi connection issues, or may be out of battery.

  • Your account may be disconnected.

  • The lock has too many existing codes saved for us to add more. Most locks can only have 100 codes (active or inactive).

  • There is already an existing pin code on the lock that is the same number as what we're trying to set for this guest. When this happens we will attempt a different number later.

  • There is already an existing pin code with the same guest name. When this happens we will attempt to use the reservation code in place of the guest name.

Why are my codes not set to the guest's phone number?

If you have selected the setting to use the guest's phone number for their code and it wasn't used, this could be because:

  • There is already an existing pin code on the lock that is the same number as what we're trying to set for this guest. When this happens we will attempt a different number later.

  • We did not have access to the guest's phone number at the moment we received the booking.

  • For Nuki: Codes are not allowed to begin with "12" or include a "0". In this instance, we would use a random number instead.

Why is a code name the reservation code instead of the guest name?

There are several reasons this could be the case:

  • There is already a pin code with the same name on the lock

  • The name is too long

  • The name contains non-GSM alphabetical characters like ()

  • The same guest has more than one booking, or there's an existing code that was manually created for the guest

  • The original code was rejected by the lock service without a reason and we default to using the reservation code instead

  • The lock is reconnected multiple times before onboarding is finished and we didn't get to finish provisioning the codes.

What do I do if I get a notice that a lock is disconnected?

Some locks can become disconnected and may or may not reconnect on their own. This can be common for locks with a less stable internet connection.

If you continue to see your lock get disconnected, we recommend doing the following:

  • Replace the battery if it is low

  • If this is happening for just one lock: move the hub closer to the lock

  • If this is happening for all (or multiple locks): check the hub to improve the wifi connection there

How to reset all of your codes.

If a code was deleted for any reason on your side (manually or by a factory reset for example) and you need to reset them, you can either manually create the code(s), or if a lot of codes were deleted, you can actually have us reset them all.

To do that, you need to select to Resync your lock.

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