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How to connect my Smart Lock?
How to connect my Smart Lock?

Learn how to connect/disconnect your smart locks in the Apps page.

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You can now connect your account to integrate directly with your Schlage, RemoteLock, SmartThings, August, and Yale app-connected smart locks.

Set up your lock within a supported lock app

First make sure your supported locks are set up and already connected in a supported lock app (Schlage, RemoteLock, SmartThings, August, Yale, Nuki private beta, or Igloo private beta) lock app before connecting them to your Hospitable account.

Once your device is connected to and matched to a property, Hospitable will ensure that the codes for all your future guests are created. No pre-existing codes will be removed or altered.

Connect your account to Hospitable

Before you connect you must disconnect your app from any other service that can create codes for the lock (including Airbnb).

Then, in

  1. Go to Apps

  2. Select Schlage Encode, RemoteLock, SmartThings, August, or Yale depending on which app you're connecting

  3. Click on the Connect button >> You must login to your account with your login credentials and not SSO via your Google Account

  4. You will be asked to match each device to your properties.

  5. (Optional) Click skip If you do not want to match a device yet

Add the %smartlock_code% short code to your check-in message

In order for us to communicate the code created to your guests, you will need to add the short code %smartlock_code% to a messaging rule. You can insert this in any scheduled message, or even a new reservation message, after a booking is confirmed.

However, we do recommended waiting to include this short code closer to their check in time for the best experience for you and your guest.

How to disconnect a lock or smart lock account from Hospitable

To disconnect a Lock

  1. Go to Apps

  2. Click the smartlock app you are using

  3. Click Edit next to the lock

  4. Uncheck the property or properties associated with the lock

  5. Hit Save

To disconnect the App

  1. Go to Apps

  2. Click the smartlock app you are using

  3. Click Edit next to a lock

  4. Uncheck the property or properties associated with the lock

  5. Repeat for all locks connected to that app

  6. Click Save

Resync a lock

You don't need to use the Resync action when you match or re-match a device to your account. We will automatically sync the device when it is matched.

There may be times when Hospitable and one of your smart locks get out of sync. This might happen if we fail to create a code, or if you changed the lock codes directly on your device. In situations like this, when you are concerned there may be missing or mismatched codes, you can resync the lock from Hospitable by clicking on the Resync button.

Need more help?

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions such as how our smart lock integrations work, when you can expect codes to be created, when notifications go out, etc. by checking out our Smartlock FAQs and How the smart lock integration works.

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