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How it Works - FAQ

Can I match one lock with multiple properties or multiple locks with one property?

  • Yes! Any property matched with more than one lock will have the same code created on each lock for a single guest.

When will the code be able to be used by the guest?

  • You can decide to either restrict the duration of the pin code to the precise check-in and check-out time or extend how long the code is valid by adding a buffer around the check-in or check-out time.

How is the pin code decided?

  • The pin code created can be a randomly generated number or based on the last digits of your guest's phone number. You can select this in your Smartlocks Settings in our dashboard.

How will my guest receive their pin code?

  • When you add our %smartlock_code% short code into a messaging rule, it will insert the guest's pin code in any scheduled message after a booking has been accepted.

  • It is recommended to send the guest their pin code close to their check-in time and not too far in advance.

When will my codes be created?

  • Once your Schlage or RemoteLock app has been connected and the supported lock is matched to a property, we will create a pin code for all existing future reservations and send those code requests to our integration partner for approval.

  • After the initial connection, we will create a pin code immediately after a reservation has been accepted and send that code request to our integration partner for approval.

  • The partner then will attempt to set that code on your lock and report to us if it was accepted or rejected.

What happens if my code was rejected and not set on the lock?

  • We will re-attempt to set the pin code 4 more times that day. If that is still unsuccessful, we will reattempt the code once every day until it is accepted.

  • At 8am ET daily we will run a "healthcheck" of all pin codes that need to be active in the next 24hrs, if the code is not set at that time we will send an email notification that the code wasn't able to be set and you will need to do so manually.

What happens if the reservation changes?

  • If a reservation is altered (shortened, extended, or changing a property) or canceled, the pin code timing will be updated or canceled accordingly.

When will a code be deleted from the lock?

We only delete codes that we created.

  • Once a reservation is completed, plus any buffer time added in your settings, the code will be deleted from the lock 24hrs later.

  • If a reservation is canceled, the code will deleted from the lock 24hrs later.

  • If you disconnect a lock, we will mark the codes as deleted in our system only and they would be re-checked after reconnecting.

Which locks do you support?

How do I integrate my Schlage or RemoteLock apps?

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