This feature is currently available to a select user test group. If you wish to be part of the test group, please contact support.

This article is related to the progressive release of our Schlage integration. You can follow the progress of our the release on our public roadmap.

You can now integration your account to integrate directly with your Schlage Encode smart lock device.

What does the integration with Schlage Encode do?

Many things!

  • Hospitable will create a pin code for all future reservations, once a device is matched to the property.

  • The pin code can be a randomly generated number or based on last digits of your guest's phone number.

  • You can define the number of digits for each device.

  • The code will only remain valid for the duration of the reservation.

  • If a reservation is altered (shortened, extended, or changing a property) or cancelled, the pin will be updated or cancelled accordingly.

  • You can decide to either restrict the duration of the pin code to the precise check-in and check-out time, or extend the window of the validity by a few hours around the check-in or check-out time.

  • Devices can be matched with multiple properties; properties can have multiple devices. The same code will be generated for each guest.

  • Our %smartlock_code% short code can be used to populate the guest's pin code in any scheduled message or a new reservation message.

  • Once a reservation is completed, the code will be deleted.

How can I connect my Schlage account to Hospitable?

  1. Go to Apps, and click on Schlage Encode.

  2. Click on the "Connect with Schlage" button, and follow the steps.

  3. You will be asked to match each device to your property (or properties). If you do not want to match a device (or not yet), you can click to Skip.

Once your device is connected, and matched to a property, Hospitable will ensure that the codes for all your future guests are being provisioned. No code would be removed or altered.

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