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Rental Agreements

Collect and retain digitally signed agreements from guests. Use short codes to dynamically generate documents for each reservation.

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Rental agreements allow you to create and retain digital rental agreements with guests.

Rental agreements are currently only available for Direct reservations for hosts with beta features enabled. We will release support for all hosts and reservations in June and July 2024.

Overview: Rental Agreements

Once a template is created (example rental agreement), Hospitable will automatically generate a rental agreement for every applicable future Direct reservation and add it to the Guest Portal as a task for the guest.

We refer to the agreement in the Guest Portal by the document name, which defaults to "Rental Agreement".

Before signing, the guest will need to verify their identity by getting a one-time code via email or SMS. After verification, they will be able to review the agreement and add their digital signature by selecting a signature font or by manually signing the agreement using their mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen.

We capture the timestamp and other information and generate a unique document ID. This is added to the document and saved as a locked, immutable PDF.

You can view all generated agreements by clicking over to the Signed Agreements tab. Unsigned agreements will show as pending, while signed agreements will display the date and full name of the signatory. Click on any document to open the PDF and download the document.

Create a Rental Agreement Template

If you need help, check out an example rental agreement.

  1. Go to Guest Experience and open the Rental Agreements page

  2. Click the +Add new button

  3. Add your rental agreement text

    1. Use short codes for dynamic content (eg. %guest_full_name%). See list of short codes.

    2. You can format the text with headings, bullets, and the like

    3. You do not need to add a signature block

  4. Optional: set a length of stay condition. If you only need to collect rental agreements, for example, on bookings over 30 days, you can set "min 30 nights" as a condition.

  5. Scope the agreement to one or more properties

  6. Click save

Pro Tip! To avoid going back to the guest with another agreement on alterations, have language in your Agreement to note that the agreement applies to any alterations.


We welcome any feedback from beta users on this initial release. Our next tasks:

  • Guest communication regarding the agreement, including reminders to sign

  • Implement logic to delay check-in messages until the agreement is signed

  • Expand support to manual and OTA reservations

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