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How to set permissions for a Secondary User?
How to set permissions for a Secondary User?

Full list of what access and restrictions a secondary user can have in your account

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Our User Management section allows you to set permissions for each one of the secondary users on your team. This allows you to restrict or allow access to certain features on Hospitable.

How to set the user's permissions:

When creating or editing a user, you'll see two main sections that will be used to customize the permissions of your users:

Access - Here you can set if you want the user to have full access or custom access to your account.

  • Full access gives the user full permissions and access to your Hospitable account. Note secondary users, even with full access will never have permissions for Billing, mute or unmute properties, or access API keys.

  • Custom access allows you to set which permissions the user will have.

Permissions -Here you can set the specific permissions for a user with custom access and which permissions they are restricted from.


Optional Sub-Permission



(Can not be removed)
View reservations dates, duration, guest information, & status


Display financial data

View the fees for a reservation


Manage Reservations

Add manual reservations & update manual reservations


Access to the inbox to message guests and accept or decline bookings.

Display and allow input of notes that can be shown on the conversation page and on the Calendar when a reservation is selected.


Access the calendar


Display pricing

Display nightly rates


Update pricing and min stay

Ability to edit the nightly rate & min stay


Update availability

Ability to block out dates on the calendar


View & update property information & tags.

Guest Experience

Full access to Guest Experience

Add / edit / view: review rules, messaging rules, custom codes, canned responses, and message logs.
(This allows a user to edit upcoming scheduled messages.)


Full access to Operations

Add / edit / view: task rules, teammates, notification rules, and log.


View tasks associated with Properties they have access to in the Properties Scope

**Tasks can still only be assigned to Teammates added in the Operations section**


Update their tasks

Update tasks assigned to the user

(There must be an email match between the user and their Teammate profile)


Update all tasks

View & update all tasks, regardless of assignment


Full access to Apps

Add / edit / view: webhooks, email routing, & third party integrations like (Mailchimp, Flightaware, Autohost and Pricelabs).

(Also allows users to suggest integration ideas)


Full access to Metrics

Ability to export data about reservations, reviews, tasks and payouts.


Full access to the Direct booking site

Add / edit / preview sites and site information.

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