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Using AI for Responses in your Inbox
Using AI for Responses in your Inbox

Draft a response to your guest's last message using our integration with ChatGPT

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If you are on a legacy Hospitable subscription plan that you subscribed to before October 2022 and you would like to continue using unlimited Suggested Replies using AI in your Inbox, you will need to upgrade your Hospitable plan.

You can update your subscription in Settings > Subscription and click Upgrade. On click, you will be presented with a targeted offer based on your current base subscription fee. If you decide to upgrade, you will only pay an additional fixed amount, which would be less than $25 per month for most users. There is no per-property fee or price increase for Suggested Replies.

Here is an example to help you better understand this pricing upgrade:

If you have 10 properties and are currently paying $88 as their subscription fee to Hospitable ($18 for base subscription and $60 for active properties), after upgrading your subscription, you will pay $103 as your subscription fee ($40 for base subscription and $60 for active properties) - this means that only the base subscription fee is changed after the upgrade.

Note: If you're already paying $40 for your base subscription and subscribed to Hospitable after October 2022, you will continue to get unlimited Suggested Replies.

It's quick and easy to draft responses to your guests using our integration with ChatGPT AI.

Open any guest conversation in your Hospitable Inbox, and click the 'Suggest with AI' button from the Compose section of the screen. Hospitable will only take a couple of seconds to draft a response based on the message most recently sent by the guest, your property details, including amenities you offers, the location of the property, guest information, etc.

Once the response is generated, you can review and edit the message to your heart's desire before sending it to your guest.

Additional AI features coming down the road...

We do not have specific release dates set for these features, but we'll let you know when they're released.

  • Supporting more questions for more automated answers.

  • Generating draft reviews for problematic guests.

  • Generating messaging rules with limited user prompts,

  • Reducing the setup time of many existing features.

  • Highlighting conversations based on sentiment analysis.

    Sentiment analysis picks up on how a guest is feeling. By integrating this, we could alert you of conversations when the guest feels particularly emotional or upset.

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