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Using AI for Responses in your Inbox
Using AI for Responses in your Inbox

Draft a response to your guest's last message using our integration with ChatGPT

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AI-generated replies are free for all customers at the moment. Going forward, we will continue to offer the feature at no additional charge for all customers who are on our current base subscription of US$40/mo or equivalent.

If you are on a legacy base subscription plan and you would like to continue using ChatGPT-powered features, you should update your plan soon. You can update your subscription in Settings < Subscription and on the Your Plan page click on the Upgrade button. After upgrading, your base fee would increase to US$40 or equivalent for your first two properties. Your active listing fee would be unchanged. Check our pricing calculator.

It's quick and easy to draft responses to your guests using our integration with ChatGPT AI.

All you need to do is go to the guest conversation in your Inbox and select the magic wand!

Once the response is generated, you can review and edit it before sending to your guest.

Additional AI features coming down the road...

We do not have specific release dates set for these features, but we'll let you know when they're released.

  • Supporting more questions for more automated answers

  • Generating draft reviews for problematic guests

  • Generating messaging rules with limited user prompts

  • Reducing the setup time of many existing features

  • Highlighting conversations based on sentiment analysis.

    Sentiment analysis picks up on how a guest is feeling. By integrating this we could then alert you of conversations when the guest is feeling particularly emotional or upset.

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