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Altering or cancelling Direct bookings

How to adjust reservations for your guest, cancel a booking, and issue a refund.

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By default, Direct bookings have a non-refundable cancellation policy. You can configure custom policies and associate them to properties using our cancellation policy manager that will let you choose how flexible you would like your policy to be.

Currently Guests cannot initiate a cancellation or alteration from their end. They will need to contact you to request assistance.

Refunding your guest

If you need to cancel a reservation, we will ask you if the cancellation is at the guest's request, or if you, the host, are requiring the cancellation:

  • Guest cancellations - when you cancel at the request of your guest, we will calculate the refund according to your cancellation policy.

  • Host cancellations - when you cancel and tell us it was at the host's initiative, the guest will receive the exact amount they paid refunded to their payment method.

  • Partial refund - you can first alter a reservation to refund the guest in increments of your nightly rate, then cancel the reservation. For example, if your guest wants to cancel a five-day bookings and you would like to refund them approximately 20%, you would alter the reservation down one night, then cancel.

Refunds are a work-in-progress and we will share improvements, including ad hoc refunds very soon.

How to cancel a booking

  1. Open the conversation in your Inbox

  2. Click on the Cancel reservation button

  3. Select whether the cancellation is at the request of the guest or the host (this affects how we calculate the refund amount on the next screen)

  4. If the cancellation was not requested by the guest, Hospitable will return the entire amount the guest paid to their payment method

  5. If the cancellation is at the request of the guest, no amount will be refunded.

    • If you wish to refund the guest a partial amount of the booking you can first make an alteration (see next section) to reduce the duration of the booking and we will refund in increments of your nightly rate

  6. Click Continue, review the final details, and click Confirm & cancel

How to alter a booking

If you need to make alterations to a guests booking:

  1. Open the conversation in your Inbox

  2. Click on the Alter reservation button

  3. Select whether the Alteration is at the request of the Host or the Guest (this helps us figure out if your cancellation policy will apply to any alterations which lower the total cost)

  4. For Direct bookings, you can currently alter the number of guests, check-in and check-out dates

    • If you need to move the guest to another property, reach out to us and we can help

  5. You’ll be presented with the price difference, which may be positive or negative depending on the changes made

  6. If the price difference results in a partial refund to the guest, and the alteration was at the initiative of the guest,

    1. Direct Basic reservations can decide how much of the difference that you want to refund at your discretion.

    2. Direct Premium reservations will refund the entire amount.

  7. Click Continue, review the details of the alteration, and press Confirm the alteration

  8. We will automatically charge or refund the guest the difference

    • The guest will not need to take any action. We will attempt to charge their card on file for any additional amount.

    • If their payment method fails, the booking will remain unaltered.

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