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What do properties need to be eligible for Direct?
What do properties need to be eligible for Direct?

How to troubleshoot any blockers or alerts that may prevent you from using Direct

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Your properties need to meet a few basic requirements in order to be published to a Direct site or listed on a Direct booking widget. We alert you in the property list on sites and widgets whether there is anything that needs to be resolved before your property is ready to take direct bookings.


Your property needs to have a properly formatted address. Hospitable pulls the property's address from your lead listing. You are not able to edit the address from Hospitable. To make changes to your address, edit your lead listing (eg. on Airbnb) and then click the Resync button on the top right of the Property Details page. If you are unable to fix an issue with your address, please contact our Support team for assistance.

If you are using Direct Premium, Hospitable checks that your property is located within a supported country, currently USA (including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands), the UK (including Jersey and Isle of Man), and Australia are supported.


Hospitable will review the content we use in Direct sites and the booking flow and make recommendations on images or descriptions that you may want to improve. Content warnings do not prevent you from publishing a site or activating a widget, they are only recommendations.

If you intend to use Google Vacation Rentals, they have a separate list of content requirements that must be met for your property to be eligible for GVR.


Any property you list on a Direct site must be associated to a valid payout method that matches your Direct plan. When you add your first payout method on a plan, that becomes your default method for all properties. You can replace the default method by adding additional payout methods and associating that method to properties.

For Direct Premium, each property will payout to either a personal or business bank account. You can take Direct bookings before verifying your account, but any payouts will be delayed until you complete know-your-customer verification. For Direct Basic, every property must be set to payout to a Stripe account.

The exception is Direct Lite, which is only available for properties in regions that are not yet supported by our payment processors.

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