Properties vs. Listings

How Hospitable defines property listings versus properties.

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A listing is specific to the booking channel. For example, “Property 1” may be listed on Vrbo, Airbnb,, and Hospitable (via Direct and/or Manual). These are all individual listings for the same property.

How Listings Are Detected

Listings are pulled in from your connected accounts. When you connect a new booking channel account to your Hospitable account, your listings will appear within a few moments.

If you add a new listing to your already connected booking account, then we will detect that listing in our next sync with your channel. These syncs run every 2 hours, but in some cases could be spaced out more.

Note: This does not apply to listings, connects to Hospitable on a listing level, not the property level. You can read more about adding new listings here.


A property is the grouping of one or more identical listings in our system. For example, “Property 1” on Hospitable will contain your Vrbo, Airbnb,, and Hospitable listings. It’s a container.

Importance of Properties

Properties tell Hospitable that your Vrbo, Airbnb,, and Hospitable listings belong to the same physical property and should be treated as such. You can create a property by merging your listings.

Grouping your listings into a property allows you to manage the same listings that are hosted on different booking platforms under a single calendar. This allows us to use Reservation Sync and other Sub-Sync features. Merging at least two listings together under a single property will automatically turn on Reservation Sync to help you avoid double bookings. Learn more about sync here.

Additionally, subscription pricing is based on the number of Active Properties, not listings. Without your listings being merged into properties, you may be charged more on your invoice. See more about pricing here.

When to Create a Property

Listings that are in the same building but are not the same unit should NOT be merged into a single property.

You should group your listings into properties if:

  • you host a listing on multiple platforms and want to consolidate their management

  • you manage co-hosted listings

  • you have created A/B test listings

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