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Troubleshooting: My Availability Isn't Syncing As Expected
Troubleshooting: My Availability Isn't Syncing As Expected

There are several reasons why your availability may differ between your booking platforms and Hospitable calendars

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Are your listings merged?

Merging properties lets Hospitable know that the listings belong to the same physical property, and that the calendars can be synced.

Is Availability Sync enabled?

When availability changes are made on your lead listing's calendar, Availability Sync must be enabled in order to push those changes to your other listings. Once changes are detected in our rolling 4.5-hour sync, Availability Sync pushes those new prices to your other listings.

You can enable Availability Sync by going to Settings > Preferences > Sync. Sync for the property must also be enabled.

Where did you make changes?

Hospitable detects pricing data from your lead listing. If Airbnb is your lead listing and you manually changed the availability on Vrbo, for example, we would not pull that in. You can use the instructions in the linked article if you wish to change your lead listing.

You can also make changes manually on your Hospitable calendar, which will be pushed to your other listings immediately, regardless of sync settings.

Have you recently made changes directly to your lead listing's calendar?

While manual updates to your Hospitable calendar are always pushed to all listings immediately, changes made on your lead listing's calendar are picked up during our regular 4.5-hour syncs.

If you recently made a change on your lead listing's calendar, it can take up to 4.5 hours for us to detect that change.

Do you have an imported iCal?

Imported iCals can cause unexpected blocks on your calendar. If you wish to use an iCal as a backup, you'll want to make sure to use your Hospitable property iCal.

Vrbo Only

Do you have a Property Management Software?

If you use a PMS on Vrbo, Hospitable will be unable to make changes to your Vrbo calendar. You can read more about those limitations here.

Is your property listed?

We cannot make changes to an unlisted Vrbo listing. You will need to make the listing active before we can sync pricing to your Vrbo calendar.

Airbnb Only

Do you have another connected software?

Even if they don't appear to be active, connected software can make changes to your calendar. If you don't see what you expect on your calendar, you can check for and remove connected software by going to Airbnb > Click on your Profile Picture > Account > Privacy & sharing > Services.

Do you have availability rules or a custom rule set?

Rulesets on Airbnb can override Hospitable's changes. If your availability doesn't appear as you'd expect, you'll want to check on any existing rule sets. Only

Do you have more than one rate plan?

Hospitable cannot communicate with child rate plans or secondary parent rate plans. You can set your primary rate plan by going to Properties > Click on the property > Pricing. You'll want to ensure that any other rate plans follow the availability of the selected parent.

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