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Everything You Need to Know About Airbnb
Everything You Need to Know About Airbnb

Wondering how the integration works? Curious about what to expect when connecting your Airbnb account(s)? This is a great place to start!

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Hospitable has an official integration with Airbnb

This provides better security, greater reliability, and faster real-time messaging with guests! With the official Airbnb integration, you can:

  • Rely on a stable Airbnb connection

  • Invite hosts to connect directly to your Hospitable account

  • See and respond to Airbnb support threads in your inbox

  • Review your guests (and leave bad reviews)

Cohosted Airbnb Accounts

Hospitable supports all Airbnb accounts, whether they are primary hosts or co-hosts.

Important: You Must Connect the Listing Admin

For us to pick up reservation changes (like Accepted > Cancelled), send messages as expected, or post reviews, you will need to connect the listing admin (listing owner) associated with all of your properties. Learn more about Cohosted accounts here.

Sending Messages From a Cohosted Account

As a cohost, you may need to adjust the "Scope" of your message rules. Any message that is scoped to "All Hosts" will be sent from the Listing Admin by default.
In order to send a message from the cohost, remove other hosts from the message's scope.

Using Other Software Alongside Hospitable

Many hosts use our system in conjunction with various other short-term rental software. With the nature of our connection to Airbnb, you can connect your account without any conflicts.

Automated messages are enabled if you choose the "Jumpstart" onboarding option during your Hositable account setup. This could cause a duplicate message if you already have messages configured with your existing software.

Since automated messaging is one of the strongest features of our system, we suggest configuring your Hospitable messaging and then disabling your automated messages on any other systems. This way, you can test our messaging performance and understand our reliability.

Airbnb Security Deposits

We are not able to charge your guests for the security deposit. Airbnb no longer incorporates this into the total charged to the guest, either. It must be taken as an offline payment.

Host-Only Service Fee

Airbnb requires that hosts outside of North America who use a third-party PMS software with "API-synced listings" (resulting in Airbnb removing access to the calendar and/or listings descriptions) to pay a standard fee of 15%, while guests will no longer be charged a service fee.

Connecting your Airbnb account to does not result in your listings being exclusively managed by, so the host-only service fee does not apply. However, the host-only service fee may apply if you use another software in conjunction with Hospitable that meets Airbnb's criteria.

Hospitable Safety for My Airbnb Account

Security is paramount to our business, as it is for yours. We have designed a system that protects your booking channel credentials, which is detailed on our data security page.

If needed, it is always possible to void the token by changing your password directly on the booking channel.

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