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Direct: Guest Portal

We've launched an online itinerary manager for Direct reservations. We'll be expanding the guest portal to support other channels soon.

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For all Direct bookings made on or after May 6, 2024, guests will find a Manage my stay button in the booking confirmation email. This opens a guest portal for the reservation.

Guest Portal Launch

We had three goals for the initial release of the guest portal:

  1. Share the property address once a booking is confirmed

  2. Allow guests to make a cancellation, according to the cancellation policy

  3. Make it easy for guests to contact hosts

We were seeing occasional issues with these items that are all now addressed by the guest portal. We'll continue to expand from here, but we are already seeing great engagement with the content by guests.


Property address

Guests will only see your property address on confirmed reservations. We will be adding additional controls soon that will let you adjust when the full address is revealed. The address links to Google Maps and there is also a one-tap icon to copy the address to the clipboard.

House Rules

We display the House Rules content that you have stored in your Property details section in Hospitable. We're seeing guests really engage with this content, which is great to see.


Before the guest portal, guests had no way to cancel other than by contacting the host or Hospitable to process a cancellation on their behalf. We now clearly present the cancellation policy and the calculate the exact amount they would receive if they cancel. Before cancelling we require them to validate their email or phone to confirm they are the primary guest and have permission to cancel the reservation.

Contact host

Guests can enter messages from the portal that show up in your inbox. Any replies from the inbox will be sent to the guest's email.

Rental Agreement

If you set up a rental agreement that applies to the reservation, the guest will see an Action required task that lets them view and sign the document from the guest portal. Once it is signed, the task shows as complete and they can download a copy of the signed agreement.

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