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Why are my messages not being scheduled?
Why are my messages not being scheduled?

Steps to take when messages aren't being scheduled or sent as you expect.

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If you expected messages to be scheduled and sent and they were not, here are some steps you can take:

  • Navigate to Connected accounts and make sure your accounts are still connected to Hospitable. If disconnected, update your credentials, then check to see if messages are being scheduled again.

  • Look at the Activity log in the conversation to see if any messages were canceled. If yes, you can click into the message and manually restore it.

  • Check the reservation status of the guest in question and check if it matches the status on the original channel's website. If it does not, contact Customer Support.

  • If no message was scheduled in the Activity log, and the reservation status is as expected, go to Guest experience and filter the view by the property. Check which rules apply to the property in question, and if the rules are active.

  • If you've followed the above steps and messages still aren't scheduled, please contact Customer Support. Make sure to include as many details as possible to facilitate our investigation (and get back to you faster). Please include a link to the conversation in Hospitable, the name of the guests in question, or the confirmation code of the reservation.

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