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What are the types of messaging rules available?
What are the types of messaging rules available?

The widest range of messaging automation for guest communication in the industry.

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There are three types of rules to send messages to your guests:

  • "Event message rules", that reply to an event

  • "Scheduled message rules" that schedule a message in advance.

  • "Question rules", that reply to a question from a guest.

Event message rules are sent based on certain events, for example when you receive a new inquiry.

These rules can send messages immediately, or delayed for up to 60 minutes. They can also be prepared (ie, the message is not being sent).

Scheduled message rules are sent based on timing, before or after the check-in or check-out of your guests.

Those typically are:

  • Check-in instructions (sent before check-in)

  • Follow up messages (sent after the check-in)

  • Check-out instructions (sent before the check-out)

  • Review request and reminders, and re-engagement (sent after the check-out)

Question rules are sent whenever we detect a question in the conversation.

They can be adapted for each stage of the conversation (before a booking is confirmed, before the check-in, and while the guest is staying).

Similar to event messaging rules, they can also be sent either immediately upon the question being detected, or simply prepared (ie, the message is not sent).

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